For All: Web Application

If it’s a quick and easy method that you need, consider typing into the no-downloading-needed application found here. This application supports three different input methods: Telex, VNI, and VIQR. (An input method is simply a way of using various keys on your keyboard in order to enter the characters of a particular language.) By default, the application has all three of these input methods activated, but you can limit activation to only one of them by selecting it from the options listed a little further below the text box. Also, next to the text box is a handy keystroke chart listing the keys for entering accents according to the three different input methods. These keys are to be entered after you enter the letter you want to add an accent to. For example, if I want to add the hook-above accent or dấu hỏi to the letter o, I first type o and then type r, 3, or ?, depending on which input method I’m using. As another example, if I want to add the circumflex accent or  dấu mũ to the letter o, I first type o followed by another o, 6, or ^. Lastly, you’ll need to copy and paste the text you typed into your destination document or field.

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